5 Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening


There are many people who have stained or discolored teeth and would like to make their smile whiter. Patients often ask Dr. Tal Morr about the best whitening toothpaste or whitening strips at the drugstore, so they can perform the whitening treatment on their own.

However, there is no substitute for a professional whitening treatment. You may find many suitable and even effective teeth whitening products at the store, but they will not deliver the amazing results that Dr. Morr can with a professional whitening treatment in Miami.

Advantages of Professional Whitening

Dr. Morr believes that a professional whitening treatment offers several benefits that you cannot receive from an over-the-counter product. These benefits include:

A Thorough Whitening

Whitening treatments bought at the drugstore typically come in one size and strength to fit all types of teeth. Unfortunately, when it comes to dental work, every patient has different needs. The whitening trays and strips found at your local drugstore may provide good results on one patient’s teeth while providing another with only a partial whitening. This can bring uneven results, with some teeth appearing perfectly white, while others show stains.

During a professional whitening treatment, Dr. Morr will apply a whitening gel evenly to each tooth, activating the gel with a special curing lamp, so your entire smile retains the same level of brightness.

Professional Strength

The whitening products sold in stores contain a small amount of whitening agent, usually around 3 percent peroxide, which may provide results for patients who have light stains on their teeth, but may not do much for those with severe or intrinsic stains. Most over-the-counter products will provide results one to two shades brighter.

The whitening gel Dr. Morr uses comes in a professional strength only available to dentists, with up to 35 percent peroxide strength. The gel can penetrate the enamel of your teeth, removing stubborn stains the store-bought kits cannot get close to. Our professional treatment can whiten your teeth by up to ten shades in just one visit.

Quick Treatment

The whitening products you buy at your local pharmacy may help you attain brighter teeth, but you may need to use them for weeks, or even months before you see noticeable results. With some products, you may not ever see the results you desire.

Dr. Morr uses a fast whitening procedure that typically does not exceed 1 hour in the office.

Comfortable Treatment

Many patients who have used over-the-counter whitening treatments have reported pain and sensitivity of the teeth while using the products. This can result from hydrogen ions penetrating the surface or the teeth or the whitening agent making contact with the lips or gums due to incorrectly sized trays or strips.

During a whitening treatment in our office, Dr. Morr will place a protective covering over your gums to prevent contact with the whitening agent. He will also often suggest a fluoride treatment afterward to help cut down on sensitivity in your teeth. The take-home kits she provides come with a gel thick enough to remain in the trays and not leak out.

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People generally perceive those with bright, white teeth as healthier, friendlier, and more successful. Why leave the brightness of your smile to chance, when you can attend a whitening treatment with Miami prosthodontist, Dr. Morr and walk out with a smile up to ten shades brighter? To find out more about our whitening treatment, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Morr, call our Miami prosthodontist office today.



Posted: Friday July 28, 2017