Activated Charcoal: Teeth-whitening best friend or marketing hype?

So, you’re an avid proponent of dental hygiene – always making sure that you have the latest whitening toothpaste, gel, or whitening strip to get that megawatt smile.

So, naturally, you’ll want to cover your mouth in charcoal, right? According to Pinterest and YouTube, the latest method for a smile-ever-after is using charred wood remains in your mouth (now there’s a mouthful).

Bloggers and vloggers the world order are convinced that charcoal is the natural (and effective – can we say placebo anyone?) alternative to harsh abrasives.

Despite the enthusiasms of the latest dental trends, we asked the experts ourselves to find the truth of the matter:

“Activated charcoal has been used for many things. It’s a purifying agent that absorbs impurities,” says Dr. Mark Wolff, DDS, Professor and Chair of the Department of Cariology and Comprehensive Care at the New York University College of Dentistry.

Most recently, the fine powder has made its way into the blossoming health and beauty department, convincing trendy buyers of its supposed beauty benefits.

“Activated charcoal has been widely used in poison control centers when there has been an accidental poisoning or drug overdose – the charcoal can absorb up to 47% of toxic substances within the gut once ingested,” remarks Dr. Todd Morr of TM Prosthodontics.

However, activated charcoal should not replace a robust dental hygiene routine. The best way of guaranteeing a healthy smile is by brushing regularly and removing plaque from your teeth.

There’s no scientific indication that activated charcoal actually works and there are better options out there that do work. If something sounds like a complex marketing gimmick, then it usually is. There are a number of proven and safe alternatives to activated charcoal, and it is important to not get caught up in the hype of the latest trend.

If you are insistent on getting the best results for your smile, then the best route is to talk to your dentist. There are a number of effective, safe strategies that can get you the perfect smile, without the guessing game. Click here to reserve an appointment.






Posted: Thursday May 5, 2016