Dental Crowns: The Cure for Smiles :)

tooth wearing a crownA dental crown functions as a tooth-shaped cap placed over an existing tooth and can be used to help remedy a number of cosmetic and structural dental complications. A dental crown can be used to preserve the main part of the tooth’s strength, appearance, shape, and size. Once the crown has been attached to the tooth, it covers the entire visible part of the tooth and extends all the way past the gum line. It looks, acts, and functions like a regular, natural tooth while improving the patient’s appearance and smile.

Crowns can assist in correcting teeth with extensive damage due to decay, discoloration or permanent stains, fractures, or brittleness after a root canal. Crowns require a small amount of tooth removal to allow for adequate space for the crown to be placed over the tooth and material to have appropriate strength, aesthetic, and healthy gum contour.  Because crowns cover the entire tooth, they often provide good solutions for more severe dental problems.

The dental office Miami of Dr. Tal Morr uses porcelain crowns because porcelain reflects light the way a natural tooth does. Porcelain crowns can also be shaded to match the color of surrounding teeth. The proper type of crown depends on the location of the damaged tooth and what type of function it will serve. If the tooth is in the front, all-porcelain crowns will work best to restore a bright, healthy smile. If it is a back tooth, porcelain or metal crowns can be considered.
A crown can help restore the functionality of a tooth that has already been broken or is very heavily worn down. A crown can almost instantaneously improve the patient’s look and appearance.

A dental crown can function as support for a tooth that has previously needed a very large filling. Most very large fillings end up leaving a very small portion of natural tooth left intact. This part of the tooth that remains is often very weak and can continue to disintegrate without additional supports. A crown can also be used to support a tooth that has already been weakened from breaking.

dental bridgesDental crowns can often be used to help support an existing bridge. The crown can help hold the bridge in place. A crown can also help give a dental implant a more natural look. This can usually give the overall smile a more natural look and can make it less apparent that a patient has a dental implant.

Crowns offer a natural, polished look to any tooth or teeth that have been weakened, discolored, or otherwise damaged. Using a dental crown can help the patient to restore confidence in their smile. Not every use of a dental crown has to be for restorative or structural reason. A crown can drastically improve the appearance of the smile and can improve overall oral health for the patient.

Miami dentist, TM Prosthodontics, requires at least two visits to the facility to first remove decay, shape the tooth, and fit the teeth with molds. The second visit will be the fitting and adjusting of the final crowns.

Posted: Thursday December 24, 2015