Diabetes and Dental Care

Diabetes, along with factors such as smoking and poor nutrition, is a leading factor that impacts the health of teeth, gums and the entire mouth. Diabetics are at a higher risk for oral health problems because of poorly controlled blood sugar levels, which can impair white blood cells, the body’s main defense against bacterial infections.

“People with diabetes have special needs when it comes to caring for their teeth and gums,” said Dr. Tal Morr, the owner and primary dental practitioner of TM Prosthodontics. “Diabetics are more susceptible to problems such as dry mouth, gum inflammation and thrush. Our practice can work with patients and their primary diabetes care doctors to form a dental care regimen that will reduce – and hopefully eliminate – the effects of these conditions.”
For patients with diabetes, Dr. Morr works with their medical doctors to gain an understanding of each patient’s glucose level, how well controlled his or her diabetes has been in the past, and any medications that are currently being taken. He also obtains a general medical history before performing any treatment for periodontal disease or other disorders of the teeth or gums. This is an important step in determining whether a patient should use pre-surgical antibiotics, change meal schedules, or adjust the timing of insulin dosages.
If you have diabetes, Dr Morr recommends that you follow these steps:
1. Control your blood glucose.
2. Brush and floss every day.
3. Visit your dentist regularly. Be sure to tell your dentist that you have diabetes.
4. Tell your dentist if your dentures do not fit right, or if your gums are sore.
5. Quit smoking. Smoking makes gum disease worse. Your physician or dentist can help you quit.
It is important to check your mouth regularly for any problems. Dr. Morr helps diabetic patients optimize routine care regimens for their gums and teeth or dentures. Sometimes people notice that their gums bleed when they brush and floss. Others notice dryness, soreness, white patches, or a bad taste in the mouth. All of these are reasons to visit your dentist. TM Prosthodontics, a leading private dental practice in Miami, offers personalized dental plans for people with diabetes.

Posted: Tuesday October 28, 2014