Everything You Need to Know about Temporary Veneers

temporary veneers

Use of temporary veneers is becoming popular among patients who are facing several teeth issues like the gap between two teeth, broken tooth, or yellowish teeth. One can expect better results with the implantation of these veneers that are crafted to augment the overall looks of your mouth.

But before you just randomly go for an implantation of the tooth veneer, you need to get yourself updated about the overall procedure of implanting a temporary veneer. These veneers are made up of porcelain or a composite bonding matter that fills the cavities of teeth and resembles the original teeth. Here are some aspects related to these veneers that everyone should know.

Why Does Your Dentist recommend Temporary Veneers?

There could be a number of reasons to use these cosmetic veneers Miami by your dentist. These are used in treating the yellowish teeth that are resistant to any of the teeth whitening treatment, and by using these veneers, one can get the desired brightness of their teeth. Sometimes your dentist would also recommend you to go for a veneer implant to treat the gap or cavities between two teeth.

These cosmetic teeth are manufactured by precise molding of porcelain and are designed precisely to give the original looks of teeth. It can be used to enhance the looks of your mouth or can be used to improve your munching experience. One can contact their dentist for detailed information about this procedure if they are experiencing some similar issues with their teeth.

Do they Cause any Side-Effects?

Temporary veneers are just like the clone of your teeth and are widely used to reshape a broken or chipped tooth as they provide the exact looks of natural teeth. Apart from this, one can be sure enough that these veneers hardly led to any of the side effects that could be serious. A little precaution, in the beginning, is obvious but it becomes the natural part of your mouth once it is fitted properly.

One can consult their dentist about the overall procedure and if there is any side effect depending on the current stage of their teeth.

How long does the Procedure of Implant Lasts?

The process of implantation can last up to several hours or minutes depending on the type of implant. If the entire teeth need to be implanted, the procedure may take 2 to 3 hours else, it hardly takes half an hour to repair the damaged tooth.


Posted: Tuesday July 17, 2018