Key Benefits Of Getting A Dental Crown
How Prosthodontist Beautify Your Smile

Crowns are the most commonly performed dental procedures. Dental crowns Miami help in fixing various tooth as well as mouth problems. The dental crown procedure is easy and there is no need to feel intimated by it.

Dental crowns offer a logical solution in the restoration of the tooth. Crowns replace the crown part of the tooth. Custom-made crowns fully encapsulate the damaged tooth to improve its appearance and functionality.

Let’s See Why Dental Crowns Are Needed

  • Crowns cover a discolored tooth
  • In case of a weak tooth, crowns support them to stop them from chipping
  • Crowns restore already broken tooth
  • Crowns are the primary requirement for dental bridges
  • Crowns cover a dental implant
  • Crowns are used on baby teeth (in case of children)
  • Sometimes in the process of filling, a crown is used
  • Crowns are also used in case of children who are not able to maintain oral hygiene and at a high risk of tooth decay.

There are many benefits to getting a crown. A crown not only restores the tooth to its original shape, color, and size but also strengthens the tooth. Crowns are especially advantageous where a simple filling is unable to do the task. People who have spaces between teeth can benefit greatly from crowns; crowns help to cover those gaps. Crowns enhance the appearance of teeth.

Procedure for getting a crown

The dentist numbs the tooth with the help of local anesthesia. The outer surface of the tooth is removed with the help of a dental drill which creates room to place the crown. After that, an impression of the tooth using a digital scanner or putty is taken. The dentist sends the impression to the dental laboratory to make the crown.

It takes around two weeks to get the crown back from the laboratory. The dentist fits a temporary crown as it is not good for the teeth to leave it like that.

During the second visit, the prosthodontist Miami will install the crown. The dentist will remove the temporary crown and fix the new crown and will check your bite.


Crowns provide an answer to various dental problems. They are easy to fix and are long-lasting. Crowns help in strengthening teeth, help to fill gaps between the teeth and provide a perfect solution for a chipped and broken tooth. Crowns are easy to install and most widely used in dental practice.


Posted: Tuesday June 11, 2019