Make Your Missing Teeth Invisible By Using Dental Bridges
Precautions After Going Through Dental Bridge Implant Procedure

A dental bridge fills the space created by a missing tooth. Dental bridges Miami helps to improve your smile and provides structural support. Bridges are made up of alloys, gold, porcelain, etc.

Benefits Of Bridges

  • They maintain the shape of the tooth
  • Helps in restoring the ability to chew
  • Helps in restoring the smile

Let’s See What The Various Types Of Dental Bridges Are

Traditional Bridges

The most type of dental bridges are traditional bridges and they are widely used in dental practice. They can be used in two conditions- when you have natural teeth on either side of the missing tooth or you have implants on both sides. Traditional bridges last longer if you maintain optimum oral health. In traditional bridges, a significant amount of enamel is cut and removed to make room for the crowns.

Cantilever Bridges

When there is only one anchor tooth for support, Cantilever bridges come in handy. It is not recommended to use this kind of bridge at the back of the mouth. The enamel of the adjacent tooth is removed to prepare the tooth for the crown.

Maryland Bridges

Porcelain or metal framework is used to hold the pontic(fake tooth) in place. There is no need of crown in Maryland Bridges; hence enamel of the adjacent tooth is not removed. These bridges are resin-bonded bridges. They are mainly used when you are less than 18 and waiting for the growth cycle to finish.

Implant Bridge

When the person has two or more teeth missing, it is advised to go for Implant-Supported Bridge. On one side of the bridge, porcelain or metal wings are used for the bonding. Implant bridges don’t cause any damage to the adjacent natural teeth. There is no need for crown support in this type of bridge. If your dentist goes with Implant Bridge, then you will have adequate spacing to clean between the implants. Implant supported bridge provides a comfortable and secure feeling, resembling natural teeth.


Bridges provide an apt solution for missing teeth. With bridges, you can not only make your smile aesthetically pleasing but bridges help in restoring the functionality of the missing tooth. Your prosthodontist Miami will analyze which kind of tooth bonding is best for you according to the condition of your teeth. After getting the bridges, it is important to care for them by maintaining proper oral hygiene.

Posted: Thursday June 13, 2019