Porcelain Veneers - A Simple Solution for a Bright and Beautiful Smile

Nowadays young woman prefers using a whitening system to remove the tetracycline stains across the tops of her front teeth. Even though some people can experience a slight enhancement through a whitening approach, a better option for treating tetracycline stains is to use Porcelain Veneers. By the use of porcelain veneers, we were able to restore our very beautiful smile.

Porcelain veneers Miami are a good option for patients who suffer from tooth discoloration. Porcelain Veneers are used to eliminate stains as well as correct various other defects, to get the perfect smile everyone deserves.

What are porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers are fine shells of ceramic material that are attached on to the front of a tooth. They are used to mask discolorations, brighten teeth, and to enhance the smile. They are a great restorative option for enhancing the appearance of your teeth.

When is a porcelain veneer restoration suggested?
• As a substitute to crowns, to change tooth color, size, or shape.
• For treating serious teeth discolorations. For instance, teeth stained by tetracycline, by injury, and for masking discolored fillings in front teeth.
• Alternative for certain Orthodontics. For example, when the front teeth are somewhat misaligned, crooked, or rotated.
• For the repair of old crowns and bridgework under certain specific circumstances.
• For the removal of gaps between teeth.

The main advantage of using porcelain dental veneers Miami as opposed to cosmetic dental bonding materials is that the porcelain veneer’s surface is made of porcelain. Since porcelain is a kind of ceramic, it is nonporous with non-fading permanent color. Hence, a porcelain veneer’s surface is enormously stain resistant.

What you can expect from the porcelain veneer procedure?

This process can greatly enhance your smile and self-esteem. You can expect an aesthetically good-looking naturalness for your teeth. But you should comprehend that they are not perfect replacements for your natural teeth. Porcelain veneers are covered from the top to the bottom just as with natural teeth. If they were all one color they would appear false, like chiclets. Porcelain veneers are shade stable, and their color will not alter. Some people experience slight sensitivity after the teeth have been prepared for teeth veneers Miami and while wearing the temporary veneers. If you feel any variations in the way you speak, please call your dentist. Your dentist can make minor alterations to your veneers to correct this.

Posted: December 26, 2018

Single tooth implants to enhance your smile

People who are missing one or more teeth can resort to single-tooth dental implant procedure. The dentist will place the implant surgically in an opening made in the jawbone. After the implant is attached to the bone, it will act as a fresh root for the crown that will restore your missing tooth. The dentist makes the crown that just looks like the natural tooth, it is then attached to the implant and thus space is filled up in the mouth.

However, there must be enough bone in the jaw for the procedure to work efficiently. The dentist conducts some x rays to make sure that the bones are strong enough to hold the implant.

If the dentists find out that there is not enough bone in the procedure then he adds the bone by using a procedure known as bone grafting, and bone augmentation. In addition to the bones, the natural teeth and tissues near the place where the implant is to placed must be in good health.

The process of implants:

The time frame of the implant process and the fixing of the dental caps depends upon many factors. The traditional method of implants will usually take about five months in the lower jaw and 6 to 7 months in the upper jaw. The whole procedure can last for a year also if bone grafting is to be carried out.

In some cases, mini implants and healings caps are placed at the same time. When the conventional method is carried out, two procedures are conducted. In the first one, an incision is made in the gum for the implant and in the second one, a healing cap is screwed on the top of the implant.

Nowadays, a one-stage procedure is used in which the implants, abutments, and temporary crown are placed in one visit.

What results you can expect?

The single-tooth implants will look just like your natural teeth. But in some cases, it will be difficult to make the implants exactly like the natural teeth. Sometimes, if the patient does not have enough bone in the jaw, then the implant may not be placed straight but it will be placed on an angle. However, these implants can last up to 25 years if you take care of your oral hygiene.

You must consult the best dentist in Miami to get the best treatment. They have years of expertise in the field and are qualified to handle every kind of patient.

Posted: December 25, 2018

Renew Your Smile With The Help Of Dental Crowns Or Veneers

Whether you’re seeking to correct a few natural flaws, or need to reverse years of neglect to your teeth, modern dentists can do great things with porcelain and resin. You may consider dental crowns vs veneers to aid with aesthetic issues, structural problems, or both. Your dentist can aid you to decide if you might benefit from veneers or crowns, but here are a few points to deem before heading in for a consultation.
They encircle only the front surface and biting edge of the tooth. They are normally very thin- the thickness of a fingernail or less- and made of porcelain or resin. Veneers are perfect for those with structurally healthy teeth who wish to resolve visual issues such as crowding, gaps, stains, and chips. Each set of veneers is custom- made and color coordinated to the wearer for as natural a result as likely. Having teeth veneers Miami applied is a fairly non-invasive process necessitating just a few trips to the dentist. Resin veneers can often be accomplished in one visit, while porcelain veneers will require two visits, one for taking molds of the teeth, and then a second visit to implement the veneers after they have been built. It may take a few weeks to get used to the new shape and/or size of your teeth, but ensure to brush and floss just as you would your regular teeth.
Dental Crowns
They cover the entirety of the tooth right down to the gum line, and in some instances even go below the gum line. Dental crowns Miami are deemed more appropriate when there is substantial structural damage to the teeth due to decay, injury, or wear. Crowns are sometimes required after a large filling, to aid the weakened tooth to keep its shape and strength. Infrequently, a root canal can result in a weaker, more brittle tooth, and your dentist may suggest a crown after this procedure. Having crowns put on can be a more intricate process than having veneers applied, relying on the reason you need the crowns. You’ll get temporary crowns until your permanent ones are prepared. Then, the temporary crowns will be detached and the permanent ones will be paved in to place with extremely strong dental glue.
How well you take care of your teeth will have a large impact on how long your crowns last, but they have been known to stay in place for anywhere from 10-20 years.

Posted: December 24, 2018


Dental veneers are thin pieces of tooth-colored porcelain cemented to the front surfaces of your natural teeth and are an easy way to address a number of physical and aesthetic issues. Because they’re also permanent, however, you’ll need to prudently weigh the pros of the process before you decide to get them. Here are few considerations about and discuss with your dentist.
Simply Whiten Your Smile
Years of drinking coffee or eating highly pigmented foods ultimately take their toll on your teeth, turning them an unappealing shade of yellow or brown. Blemished enamel can be bleached at home or by your dentist, but it can become stained again. If you’re seeing for an easier way to whiten your smile for good, dental veneers may be a good fit for you. Veneer teeth are mainly stain-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about discoloration or requiring to have your veneers whitened.
Fix Minor Cosmetic Difficulties
Slightly crooked or gapped teeth can be treated with braces or other orthodontic treatments, but these issues can sometimes be aided with veneers Miami as well. Veneers are devoted to the front surfaces of your teeth – so although they don’t change their positions, they do camouflage minor orthodontic issues once they’re applied. Your natural teeth may still be gapped or crooked, but not one person will know aside from you and your dentist.
It’s vital to note that veneers can’t always substitute orthodontic treatment, and your dentist may refer you to an orthodontist instead of placing veneers.
Substitute Damaged Enamel
Enamel is strong, but not imperishable. Your enamel may still be damaged down from overzealous tooth brushing or eaten away by highly acidic foods and drinks. The stomach acid linked with acid reflux disease can also damage your enamel. This can become a cause for worry because lost enamel doesn’t grow back. Luckily, it can be replaced. Teeth veneers Miami are an outstanding treatment for teeth with enamel abrasion or enamel erosion and are aesthetically attractive at the same time.
Veneers are characteristically a two-appointment procedure. The first appointment comprises of making the teeth, taking impressions, and fabricating temporary veneers. Two weeks later you will return to have your new veneers paved and be able to show off your new smile instantaneously!
Since Veneers are separate units, they are very easy to maintain. You can eat, drink, brush, and floss just like usual.

Posted: December 19, 2018

Why Substituting Missing Teeth Is Important To Your Health

There are many people who may have a single or more than one missing permanent tooth and have not really thought about replacing it. There are a number of causes a person may lose a permanent tooth like trauma, poor oral hygiene habits, genetics, medications, and even oral diseases. One of the first things that a patient should do is talk with a dental implants expert about the health of their mouth and the best options for tooth substitution.

Conditions like increased bone weakness, increased gum recession, improper bite, Gum infection, and disease etc. can be prohibited by having a missing tooth replaced with a dental implants Miami fl treatment. A dental implants treatment is an enduring solution that not only enhances your dental health but also improves one smile

What to Assume From a Dental Implants Treatment

An individual can trust that their dental implants specialist to do a thorough examination, take impressions of one’s teeth, and x-rays in addition. The results of these will regulate the candidacy of the patient to have a dental implants treatment, as well as, make the custom-made crown.

The treatment would comprise of the specialist placing a metallic post into the open area’s jawbone. Once in place and after permitting time for the bone to bond with the post, the specialist will place the natural looking and functioning tooth crown Miami and bond it to the post through an abutment. The dental professional may demand a follow-up visit to assure the implant is operating properly.

The Benefits of a Dental Implants Treatment

Most patients can’t even tell that they have an artificial tooth making it even harder for others to track. An enhanced bite, and smile, as well as, confidence and self-esteem can be anticipated from this treatment. A patient can also expect to have enhanced dental crowns Miami health by filling the open gap caused by the missing tooth. The prohibition of acceleration of bone weakness and gum recession will be halted as well.

Selecting a Professional

An implants treatment takes special training since it calls for exactness and expertise, so only choose a certified dental implants specialist. You should also take a few things into deliberation when making your choice such as how many or how long the specialist has been performing this treatment. One should check the credentials of the expert, as well as, compare costs between a few to assure the treatment is within your budget.

Posted: December 18, 2018

What Can a Dentist Do for a Chipped Tooth?
Understanding the depth and nature of the problem, cosmetic dentists serves a broad array of solutions for fixing a chipped tooth. A common dental problem, a chipped tooth Miami can happen due to an accident, biting down on something firm or even decay. If the chip is not huge or superficial, the specialist may clear the area and smooth out the rough edges. Also, if the chipped piece is accessible, the dentist could cement it back together. Dental filling or bonding, veneers, enamel shaping, and crowns are the measures that dentists suggest to fix a tooth that has been utterly chipped.
Tooth Bonding
Dental bonding is a cosmetic dentistry procedure which utilizes a tooth-colored plastic resin or bonding material to plug the chip. The tooth is polished and coated with a conditioning liquid so that the resin can stick to it. The resin is implemented and an ultraviolet light or laser beam is used to toughen the coating. The tooth is then shaped, polished and buffed to recuperate its natural look; all of the work involved in dental bonding usually necessitates just one visit.
A dental veneers Miami is a wafer-thin porcelain shell that is slithered onto the damaged tooth. The cosmetic dentist first buffs the tooth to certify that the veneer will fit. The veneer covers the whole tooth and provides a natural-looking ceramic mask. The patient may have to use a temporary veneer for a few weeks before the final one is closed in place. A veneer is a great choice when enamel shaping and dental bonding are unproductive to restore a chipped front tooth.
Enamel Formation
Often implemented in conjunction with dental bonding, enamel shaping is a process that corrects the shape of a tooth by contouring or eliminating some of the enamel. It is very operative in correcting a chipped tooth when the inadequacy is not too serious.
An all-porcelain, porcelain-fused-to-metal or gold crown is a valuable alternative when a veneer would be insufficient to fix a chipped tooth. The crown or cap covers the entire outer surface of the damaged tooth and reinforces it. The procedure comprises using an impression of the tooth to craft a bespoke crown Miami that fits it flawlessly. Done under local anesthesia, the fixing of a crown usually undertakes two sittings.
These were some of the insights which are performed by a professional dentist and have a good hand on such measures.

Posted: December 17, 2018

Dental crowns- an insight into the facts associated with it
Millions of people around the globe experience oral issues such as missing or cracked tooth so the dental industry has come up with a new technique to restore the damaged, broken or severely decayed teeth. This technique uses dental crowns which are tooth-shaped caps that cover the top of the teeth which are damaged.
These dental caps are custom-designed according to the shape and size of your teeth to make them look natural like your original teeth. The crowns are made in a variety of materials such as metal, ceramic, porcelain, or zirconia.
Dental crowns may become loose in the following cases:
Decay can cause the cement to break that is used to secure the dental crown. As dental crowns are prosthetic, they cannot decay but the tooth underneath it can due to several reasons. This may lead to the loosening of the dental crown. You must immediately approach the best dentist in Miami to get it restored.
Sometimes the dental cement that holds the crown in place may deteriorate with time which makes the crown lose.
The consumption of sticky sweets may harm the dental crown, people who regularly chew such sweets have more chances of weakening their dental crowns. In some cases, the whole crown comes off as the sticky candy gets stuck with it.
What to do if the crown falls out or becomes loose?
If your crown comes out or it seems to be loose, you must make an appointment with prosthodontist Miami as early as possible. It is considered as the dental emergency and the dentist will try to remake the crown within the 48 hours of your call. A prior appointment will enable them to refit the crown before the tooth underneath the crown suffers decay.
Meanwhile, if the crown falls out, you should try fixing it with the toothpaste or dental adhesive. This will apparently protect the tooth underneath until you see your doctor.
When you call your dentist, make sure that you tell him that there is no way to fix it back so that he should schedule the appointment as soon as possible. The teeth that have lost the crowns have a higher risk of infection and can sometimes cause extreme pain in the area. If you feel that your crown has become loose, you must immediately seek for the professional help to prevent it from falling out.

Posted: December 12, 2018

Dental implants- a preferable option for missing teeth
Teeth loss occurs due to a variety of reasons such as trauma to the mouth from accidents, gum problems, tooth decay or congenital malformations. Earlier the most common option for replacing teeth was used to be bridges but nowadays dental implants is a more effective option used due to its better results and higher success rates.
Dental implants Miami are a more natural procedure for tooth replacement. These are more stable and have longer lifespans than the other procedures. The bone which is left underneath the missing tooth is also invigorated by the dental implant procedure which consequently prevents bone loss and facial changes.
Is this the best option than other procedures?
Dental implants are a perfect option for those who have lost their teeth and face issues while chewing and speaking. Surely, dental implant procedure is a far better option than others not in case of cost but definitely due to its durability and excellent results. Although dentures and bridges are cheap, their results do not match the output given by the dental implants.
Dental implants procedure enhances the personality of an individual by improving their smile and boosting their confidence. They are quite durable, as with proper oral care and safety these implants can last for a lifetime. They do not pose any risk to the neighboring teeth or dental structure thus they are very effective and its benefits outweigh its costly treatment.
The maintenance of dental implants is not much difficult, they can be easily brushed and cleaned in the same way we do with our natural teeth. Any type of food can be eaten so no need to worry about your taste buds.
Caring for the dental implants
Dental implants do not require hard and fast caring habits to make them last, it’s just that you have to take care of them like your natural teeth. They must be brushed and flossed regularly. You will never have tooth decay or root canal problems but the only thing that you must keep in mind is you can have gum disease or they might get damaged due to bruxing and clenching.
If you have undergone full mouth replacement, it is essential that you take extra care of your teeth to keep the gum tissues healthy, and if you have grinding problems you must wear a night guard to prevent your implants from damage.
Regular checkups from the dentist are mandatory after you have undergone the dental implants procedure to make your teeth last longer.

Posted: December 11, 2018

Cosmetic dentistry-Let your flawless smile be your style statement
With the emerging and evolving technologies, it is now possible to get rid of those defects that may affect your personality and confidence. Cosmetic dentistry is a solution to all your dental problems be it any. Any kind of major or minor defects can be removed with the help of the cosmetic dentistry.
The overall appearance of your face and smile can be improved with the help of various cosmetic dental procedures. The cosmetic procedures might be used in combination with the normal dental procedures that aim at improving the appearance of the face as a whole.
The cosmetic dentists in Miami are skilled in offering various services related to cosmetic dentistry and make you smile like never before with their expertise in the field.
When you should go for cosmetic dentistry?
Cosmetic dentistry is not all about teeth whitening and smoothing, it involves advance dental procedures that can dramatically change your smile and looks. Here you will get to know when it’s important to go for a cosmetic dentistry.
If you have gaps between your teeth, you face difficulty in chewing food due to missing or crooked teeth, it is important to go for cosmetic dentistry as it will restore your missing and lost teeth.
If you feel embarrassed while smiling as you have yellow, stained, chipped or cracked teeth, you can go for it. Procedures such as inlays, dental caps, veneers, bonding etc. can help you resolve your dental issues.
Feeling pain in jaws and teeth due to bruxism can also lead to discomfort so procedures like dental crowns can help protect the teeth from further wear and tear and will also safeguard the teeth from infections.
People who suffer from chronic acid reflux might be at a higher risk of tooth decay as that stomach acid which comes into the mouth can destroy the enamel of the teeth. Thus cosmetic dentistry might help to restore the shine and enamel of the teeth.
What are the different kinds of procedures available in cosmetic dentistry?
Dental veneers and crowns: Veneers are usually used to treat the discolored, chipped or crooked teeth. Dental crowns are used to fill the gaps between the teeth, restore the decayed and broken teeth.
Tooth bonding is another procedure which is used to repair the teeth which are badly broken or stained. In this, a tooth-colored material is bonded to the teeth.
The best dentist in Miami uses some of the other dental procedures such as Dental implants, teeth whitening, teeth shaping etc. to improve your smile and enhance your appearance.

Posted: December 10, 2018

Which one is better for your smile- crowns or veneers

If you are frustrated with your chipped tooth, you must consider having a dental treatment to enhance your smile and restore your teeth. The question here is which one is the best and the right option for you-crowns vs veneers. Both the treatments are reliable and can give you the desired results.
Obviously, there are some differences between the both, however, each one of them has its own pros and cons.
What are they?
Both the treatments are used to restore the teeth and enhance their appearance. They are generally made from porcelain. The main difference is that how much of the real tooth is removed during the particular treatment.
Temporary veneers are particularly made from water-thin porcelain and are fixed in the front of the tooth. The material from which the veneers are made is matched with the natural color of your teeth. They are usually brittle and may get cracked if not carefully handled.
On the other hand, a crown covers the entire tooth. They are made from metal or porcelain and sometimes made from the combination of both. Crowns are usually more durable as they are thicker than the veneers. Being more firm they are resistant to the cracks.
When you should choose the veneers?
You must go for veneers when you want minor changes in your teeth shape. In case you want to change the teeth color, veneers are a good option for that. If you have stains on your teeth, cracked teeth, and little gaps between your teeth then you must choose veneers over crowns. Veneers will definitely improve the smile and appearance of your teeth.
Once you have applied veneer on your tooth, it requires continuous treatment. You might have to change the veneer after some months if you will not take proper care of your dental hygiene.
When you must choose the crowns?
When you have more serious and fundamental issues with your teeth, you must resort to crowns. In case if you have badly broken teeth or your teeth require an RCT treatment, crowns are the best choice. The crowns usually protect the teeth from any further damage. Crowns are better than veneer teeth if you want your teeth to last for long. Crowns are the best choice when the edge of the tooth is broken by grinding. As the veneer covers only the front part of the tooth, so it is better to have a crown to cover the edges of the teeth.

Posted: December 6, 2018