Repairing Teeth that Have Been Damaged by Erosion

At TM Prosthodontics, we are prepared to assist patients with whatever oral health problems may arise. One of the biggest threats to the health and structure of the teeth is tooth erosion due to an over exposure of acid. Acid can be introduced to the teeth in the form of soft drinks, wine, fruits, or even stomach bile. If the PH balance of the mouth becomes overly acidic, the teeth will suffer as tooth enamel breaks down and wears away. Teeth that have been compromised in this way become more vulnerable to other oral health problems and are likely to feel painful and sensitive. For all of these reasons, TM Prosthodontics offers our patients tooth erosion treatments that rebuild and strengthen teen that have been damaged by erosion.

Treatment Options:

There are several ways to restore teeth, and here at TM Prosthodontics, we consider several treatment options. We understand that oral health problems effect patients differently and thus we have treatments that are customized to those unique needs. In considering tooth erosion, we will find a treatment that is suited to which area(s) of the tooth gave been damaged by erosion, as well as how far the erosion has progressed. Below are some recommended treatment options for patients suffering with tooth erosion:

Dental Crown: A dental crown is ideal for advanced stages of tooth erosion, especially when the tooth has been eroded on all sides. Also known as a “cap,” a dental crown sits over the tooth and encloses it so that is sealed and protected. A dental crown replaces enamel that has been damaged by erosion and restores the strength an aesthetics of the tooth.

Dental Filling: For less intense cases, dental fillings are a suitable option. Dental fillings are used with either a direct filling or an indirect filling to replace portions of tooth enamel that have eroded away. Dental fillings can replace a significant portion of tooth enamel and seal off the tooth to offer it further protection from acid and bacteria.

Dental Bonding: If the teeth erosion is light, dental bonding may be the appropriate course for treatment. Suring this procedure, a tooth-colored compound will be applied and shaped to the area of the tooth that has been worn down. The bonding compound provides a layer of protection to the teeth.

Porcelain Veneers: In some cases, porcelain veneers may be able to repair teeth that have been damaged by erosion. If the tooth erosion is present only at the facial surface of the tooth, than porcelain crowns can enhance the cosmetics of the tooth while addressing tooth erosion.

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No matter how minor an occurrence of tooth decay may be, it is important to treat them immediately to prevent any further dental complications. TM Prosthodontics provides the highest quality restorative dentistry and prosthodontics. Schedule an appointment at your convenience and learn more about our comprehensive dental services.

Posted: Thursday May 7, 2015