Single tooth implants to enhance your smile

Single tooth implants to enhance your smile

People who are missing one or more teeth can resort to single-tooth dental implant procedure. The dentist will place the implant surgically in an opening made in the jawbone. After the implant is attached to the bone, it will act as a fresh root for the crown that will restore your missing tooth. The dentist makes the crown that just looks like the natural tooth, it is then attached to the implant and thus space is filled up in the mouth.

However, there must be enough bone in the jaw for the procedure to work efficiently. The dentist conducts some x rays to make sure that the bones are strong enough to hold the implant.

If the dentists find out that there is not enough bone in the procedure then he adds the bone by using a procedure known as bone grafting, and bone augmentation. In addition to the bones, the natural teeth and tissues near the place where the implant is to placed must be in good health.

The process of implants:

The time frame of the implant process and the fixing of the dental caps depends upon many factors. The traditional method of implants will usually take about five months in the lower jaw and 6 to 7 months in the upper jaw. The whole procedure can last for a year also if bone grafting is to be carried out.

In some cases, mini implants and healings caps are placed at the same time. When the conventional method is carried out, two procedures are conducted. In the first one, an incision is made in the gum for the implant and in the second one, a healing cap is screwed on the top of the implant.

Nowadays, a one-stage procedure is used in which the implants, abutments, and temporary crown are placed in one visit.

What results you can expect?

The single-tooth implants will look just like your natural teeth. But in some cases, it will be difficult to make the implants exactly like the natural teeth. Sometimes, if the patient does not have enough bone in the jaw, then the implant may not be placed straight but it will be placed on an angle. However, these implants can last up to 25 years if you take care of your oral hygiene.

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Posted: Tuesday December 25, 2018