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Hide Your Dental Blemishes Immediately With Tooth Bonding

Tooth bonding Miami is a popular treatment used to cure cavities, chipped teeth, replace silver fillings and enhance the overall appearance of your smile. Great for hiding minor dental faults and fixing structural imperfections, dental bonding is valued for its cosmetic attributes as well as offering quick and easy solutions.

It comprises a simple procedure in which the cosmetic dentist implements a thin layer of tooth-colored composite on the tooth, sculpts and molds it to gratification, then hardens the restoration with a high-intensity light. Practicing this very straightforward process, the dentist is able to fill or cover up any dental flaws with great ease and exactness. The tooth-like material also makes blending into the prevailing tooth structure look seamless and aesthetically attractive.

If you have chipped, cracked discolored or decayed teeth, tooth bonding can assist to erase the flaws and restore its presence in an instant.

Below are some benefits of Tooth Bonding:


Dental bonding Miami method is completed in-office, and do not need the use of a dental laboratory. Therefore, if you are crunched for time, and are not able to wait weeks, months, or even years for a new smile, this process may be ideal for you. We can implement and contour the material onto each tooth being treated, and can even give the appearance of flawlessly straight teeth – all without the need for orthodontics or having to wait years for a perfect smile. Many dental bonding processes can be completed in one day.

Substitute Amalgam Fillings

The Tooth Bonding process uses composite resin, a material composed of plastic with added fillers and modifiers. In addition to strength and toughness, this composite material is favored for its color consistency that mixes with natural teeth.
These possessions make tooth bonding an ideal process for substituting silver amalgam fillings – known for their strength but analyzed for their appearance. Patients who prefer a whitish filling color usually go for tooth bonding as treatment of choice or use it to substitute existing silver amalgam fillings.


Teeth bonding Miami is definitely a cost-effective treatment to fix those undesirable issues with your smile. It is, however, cheap than other forms of cosmetic dentistry, but that does not make it the right fit for everyone. Still, if finances are a matter for you, ask your doctor about our payment options that comprise interest-free and low monthly payment choices, you can transform your smile now, and pay for it later.

Posted: Tuesday January 22, 2019