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Are you unhappy with your teeth? Resort to dental bonding
Are you not satisfied with your current dental structure? Not confident enough to smile in front of people? You must go for the dental bonding procedure so as to get rid of your chipped or cracked tooth. If you cannot pay for those expensive cosmetic treatments, tooth bonding is the best option for you.
Why you should go for tooth bonding procedure? What it is? How it’s done?
Dental bonding is a treatment in which a tooth-colored material or a plastic material is applied and hardened with a light which ties that material to the tooth to improve the imperfections in your teeth. You can rely on tooth bonding Miami if you want to repair decayed or chipped tooth, have discolored teeth or spaces betwixt the teeth, or if you want to change the shape of your teeth, dental bonding is the best choice for you.
A little preparation is required for teeth bonding, sometimes anesthesia is given by the doctor if the bonding is to be done near the nerve, or the tooth needs to be drilled to alter the shape. The material is made according to the color of your teeth and then the procedure is started. Then the teeth surface is coarsened and a liquid is applied to it. This will help the bonding to properly adhere to the teeth. Tooth bonding Miami has very expert dentists that carefully analyse the problem in your teeth and gives you the right solution.
After the material is fixed to your teeth, it is then hardened with a special laser light. After that, the teeth are trimmed to have a proper shape and then polished to match the rest of the teeth. The whole procedure takes about 30 to 60 minutes approximately.
How long the bonding will last?
The dental may not last for years but if you maintain proper oral hygiene and care for your teeth regularly, the bonding will successfully last for at least 10 years. Whether you had porcelain or composite teeth bonding, you should avoid having colored foods and drinks such as coffee, tea or red wine.
If in case you had such foods or drinks, you must wash or brush your mouth before going to sleep or immediately after consuming them.

Posted: Tuesday December 4, 2018