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What To Expect During A Dental Crown Procedure

Dental Crown is called as a cap which is used to put a cover over a tooth. Crown plays a crucial role in improving the appearance of teeth. Crowns can make your teeth stronger and your smile brighter.
Why you might need a crown?

  • You have a cracked or worn out tooth
  • A large cavity that filling can’t cure
  • Discolored tooth

A dental crown gets cemented to the teeth permanently. Since the requirements of every patient are different, dental crowns Miami are custom made according to the needs of a patient.
What Is The Material That Is Used In Dental Crowns?
Crowns are made from different types of materials- porcelain fused to metal, metals, all resin, and ceramic.
Stainless Steel
Stainless steel crowns offer a temporary measure; these prefabricated crowns protect the tooth until a permanent crown can be cemented on the tooth. Stainless steel crowns are used for children to prevent further decay.
For the purpose of the crown, high content of gold or platinum is used in metal crowns. The advantage of metal crowns is that they don’t break easily.
Porcelain Fused To Metal Crowns
These crowns can be color matched to your natural teeth. Whenever there are long bridges, porcelain fused to metal crowns are needed to strengthen the teeth.
The Procedure Of Placing A Crown
Two dental visits are needed for the dental crown. During the first visit, the dentist examines the tooth and prepares the tooth for the crown. An X-ray is taken to analyze the decay. The dentist takes the impression of the tooth to make a custom made the crown. Also, a temporary crown is placed on the tooth to protect it from further decay. In some patients, root canal treatment is needed to save the tooth. During the first visit, the tooth will be shaped to make the room for the crown.
During the second visit, your crown will be ready; it generally takes three weeks. The temporary crown is removed, the dentist will examine if the fit and color of the crown match your natural teeth. If the dentist performed the root canal on the tooth during the first visit, then you will not need local anesthesia, otherwise, your dentist will numb the area to perform the procedure. The dentist will use dental cement to fix the crown on the place. Small adjustments might be needed to give the crown the desired shape.
Dental caps or crowns help to cover the decayed and chipped tooth. Crowns offer a permanent solution to the discolored and worn out tooth. Crowns are beneficial for children as well who have severely decayed teeth and can’t maintain proper oral hygiene.


Posted: Wednesday May 22, 2019

When You Should Think Of Dental Crown

We hear a lot about dental crown, relatives have them, doctors articulate about them, at times we witness individuals with crowns from distinct metals, such as gold crowns, etc. Then what is the deal with dental crowns, what persistence does thy offer?

The tooth crown Miami is principally a “cap” that covers over the surface of a prepped tooth and serves to restore the structure of a tooth, as well as its function and aesthetics.

Below are few reasons stating the requirement to acquire dental crown on your teeth:-

Large Filling

If you see that one of your teeth has fractures or a cavity that comprises half the thickness of the tooth or more, it requires to be surfaced with a dental crown. This is because the residual tooth encircling the large filling is so feeble that it is exposed to fracture. At times a huge filling that has stayed for a while will require to be substituted with a crown as the tooth displays indications of cracks and stress encircling the filling.

Root Canal

This treatment parts the tooth scooped out and disposes of the residual tooth for cracking. Thus, a tooth that has had a root canal almost always requires to be reinstated with a crown Miami instantly to avert it from cracking.

Cracked Tooth Syndrome

The cracked tooth syndrome is a situation whereby an individual has fractures classified in a tooth that source pain when it is chewed in a particular method. Chewing processes aim at fracture lines that make it sense like it is piercing separately. A crown will grab the tooth unruffled and reallocate the pain consistently through the tooth, removing the pain in many examples. In such circumstances, it is great to leave a provisional crown on for a while to assure the cause goes away and the tooth doesn’t need a root canal.

Extreme Wear Of Tooth

If an individual has a practice of crushing their teeth, the teeth will convert shorter with the passage of duration. The teeth can also erode away because of acid erosion produced by bulimia, acidic diet or gastrointestinal acid reflux (GERD). At times, the enamel will erode away entirely, parting soft, small teeth. With the passage of time, the bite can breakdown and the only method of reinstating the teeth to usual size is by surfacing the teeth with dental crowns Miami.

Unwanted Presence Of Teeth

A tooth that has an improper presence due to shape, spaces or color amidst teeth can be made to appear very usual and attractive with the help of crowns. Also, dental veneers are a very operative and traditional method of improving the appearance of the forward-facing teeth. Dental Crown can be made to appear very normal, and at times they don’t even need making or shaving the prevailing teeth.

Posted: Monday May 13, 2019

Guidelines On Handling Chipped Tooth

When you are crunching a piece of hard candy or ice when you observe some sort of hard substance in your mouth that does not dissolve or melt. A feeling of irritation arises when you get to know it is a piece of a broken tooth.
Though the enamel that encircles your teeth is the firmest, most petrified tissue in the body, its forte has restrictions. Acquiring a blow to the face, falling, piercing down on somewhat hard, mainly if a tooth previously has some decay, can be a reason for a tooth to break or chip. If you notice you have chipped or broken a tooth, don’t worry every problem has a solution. There are various things your doctor can do to repair it.
Broken or chipped tooth Miami do cause pain but that may lie constant or on temporary bases. Various people suffer pain when they eat something as chewing applies pressure on the tooth.
Measures You Can Opt For:-
Fractured Or Cracked Teeth
No cracked or fractured tooth is cured at home. The only solution is to visit your doctor. At times the tooth seems fine, but at times it gives you pain only when you chew or the temperature shows its alterations in your mouth, as you intake something cold or hot, for instance. And if your tooth gives you pain all the time, it may have an injured blood vessel or nerve. This is a severe cautioning indication. You will comprehend if you have a broken tooth if it does not pain to chew on the tooth, but discomfort happens when you free the bite.
Bonding or Dental Filling
If you have broken out just a small portion of tooth enamel, your dentist Miami may repair the injury with a filling. And if the repair has to happen in a front tooth or can be witnessed when you smile, your doctor will possibly practice a process entitled bonding, which practices a tooth-colored complex resin.
Chipped Tooth
Having a chipped tooth, you might not sense any tooth pain until and unless the chip is big enough to disclose the nerves in the inner layer of the tooth. If a broken tooth reveals the nerves classified in a tooth, you might observe enhance tooth understanding and hurt when eating or when the chipped tooth is disclosed to very warm or very cold beverages and food. The chip on one of the sharp chewing planes of the back teeth is entitled a chipped cusp. Such sort of broken tooth is hardly painful, but it should be inspected by a dental expert like a dentist. Also a dental crowns Miami may be required or a dental-only to reinstate the shape of the tooth and avert additional loss or waning.

Posted: Tuesday May 7, 2019

What To Expect In A Dental Crown Procedure

Dental crowns are widely known as “caps” in layman term. Dental crowns help to restore the shape and size of the tooth and improve its strength and appearance. Teeth which are broken, decayed or chipped need a dental crown; a dental crown is permanently cemented to the tooth and resembles the shape and color of the original tooth. The outer aspect of the tooth is replaced by dental crowns Miami.
It is important to note that crowns are custom made for every patient. The material used to make dental crowns come from a variety of different materials like ceramics, porcelain, metal, resin, stainless steel, and gold.
In what situations do we need dental crowns?
Cracked Tooth Syndrome
This is a condition when a patient has fractures inside a tooth which causes severe pain. A crown is used in cracked tooth syndrome to hold the tooth together and to distribute the stress of chewing through the tooth.
Large Filling
Whenever there is a need to support the tooth, crowns come in handy. A tooth which has a cavity that eats up half of the tooth, a large filling is required, but the tooth around the large filling is so weak that it can’t withstand on its own. To support the tooth crown is needed.
Root Canal
Root canal hollows out the tooth. After a root canal, a crown is needed to save the tooth from fracture.
Wear And Tear Of Tooth
Excessive wear and tear of the tooth makes the tooth fragile. Acid reflux disease can also cause enamel to erode over time, the only way to restore the tooth to its original shape and size is through crowns.
It takes two dentist visits to complete the procedure of getting a dental crown. In the first visit, the dentist examines the tooth to see if it is fit for a dental crown or not. If the tooth had a root canal treatment earlier, then a filling is done to restore enough of the tooth for the crown to hold onto. An impression is taken through a digital scanner. The dentist will take pictures of the teeth to determine the color of the teeth so that he can get an exact match of the crown. Then a temporary crown is made using a molding, the temporary crown is then cemented.
After a few weeks, the patient is called for the second visit. The temporary crown is removed and the permanent crown is cemented on the tooth.

Posted: Wednesday April 24, 2019

Frustrated With Your Chipped Tooth. Try Dental Crowns To Brighten Up Your Smile

Dental crowns are called caps in layman’s language. A dental crown helps to revive the tooth to its normal functionality. Dental crowns are permanently cemented to the teeth which are broken, chipped, decayed or need restoration. Dental crowns Miami replace the outer aspect of a tooth. Crowns are custom made for every patient and every tooth; they can be made from a variety of different materials like gold, ceramics, porcelain, and metal.

What is the need for a dental crown?


  • Dental Crowns protect a weak tooth from breaking or chipping.
  • Crowns play a vital role in restoring an already broken tooth.
  • Crowns help to hold a dental bridge in place, without crowns, bridging is not possible.
  • Crowns help in covering severely discolored tooth.
  • When there is a need to cover a dental implant, crowns are used.
  • Crowns are also used in the cosmetic modification.
  • Crowns are also used for children on baby teeth:
  • Where it is not possible to do filling because of the severely decayed tooth, a crown is used.
  • Crowns are crucial to protect a child’s teeth that are at high risk of tooth decay and are not able to keep up with oral hygiene.


Types of crowns

Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel crowns are used as a temporary measure; they are prefabricated that protect the tooth until the permanent crown is in the making. They are widely used for children to protect the natural tooth from further decay. They are more cost effective than custom made crowns.


Metals which are used for crowns have a higher content of gold or platinum. Metal dental crowns are long-lasting and are less prone to wear and tear. They don’t break or chip easily.

Porcelain Fused To Metal Crowns

Porcelain fused to metal crowns can be color matched to the natural shape of your teeth. The disadvantage of these crowns is that the porcelain part is prone to wear and tear. This type of crown is used where there are long bridges and metal is needed for strength.

How will your dentist place a crown?

To make the crown fit, your dentist will remove the outer portion of the tooth; this will make room for the crown.
Then your dentist will take the impression to provide you with an exact match for your tooth. The impression can be made by digitally scanning the tooth or with the help of a mold.
After that, you may get a temporary crown until your exact match comes within 2 weeks.
When your crown is ready best dentist in Miami will do the necessary adjustments to make it fit nicely.

Posted: Wednesday April 10, 2019

Dental crowns- an ideal solution to your decayed and damaged tooth

Dental crowns can be one of the best solutions for you if you are suffering from decayed, chipped or damaged tooth. Crowns are known to boost oral and cosmetic benefits as it strengthens the structure of the tooth as well as enhances your overall appearance. Dental crowns Miami are usually custom-made which can easily merge with the patient’s unique teeth structure.  These are very carefully constructed so that they can match with the surrounding teeth of the patient with regard to shape, size, color, and texture.
To craft a customized crown, your dentist will initially prepare your teeth for it and will take a mold according to your teeth structure. He will then provide a temporary restoration until the permanent crown is made.
Dental crowns are also used to protect artificial teeth as part of a dental bridge. In some cases, dentists attach crowns to dental implants in order to replace the missing teeth. The procedure of getting dental crowns normally involves two visits to the dentist during a period of two to three weeks however, many dentists nowadays offer same-day crowns.
Why there’s a need for dental crowns?
In case you want to improve the aesthetics of crooked teeth, you can resort to dental crowns. For instance, if you have a severely discolored tooth, you can cover it with a porcelain crown.
Stained teeth can also be covered with the help of crowns when the stains don’t go away with whitening treatments.
Tooth crown Miami can also be used to restore weekend teeth that is it can be used to hold the parts of a tooth to prevent any further damage.
Crowns are also helpful after the root canal treatment. As the teeth become weak after RCT, dentists usually place crowns over the teeth to restore their strength.
The procedure followed in dental crown placement
The dentist will first prepare your teeth to place a crown. He may remove certain material from the tooth to make room for the crown. A temporary crown can be placed if you resort to metal or other crowns which usually take two visits to get fixed.
After that, tooth impressions are taken and are sent to the lab for the crafting of the crown as per the exact dimensions. In the second visit to the dentist, the crown will be installed after ensuring the aesthetics and dimensions of the crown.
Thus, you can always get teeth that you have always desired for. Crowns are not only good for oral health but it plays an important part in the aesthetic dentistry as it improves the overall aesthetics of the teeth as well.

Posted: Tuesday March 26, 2019

Tooth Replacement Alternatives- A Brief Overview

When you have a missing tooth, you look for a tooth replacement option that is durable. There are a number of options to replace a missing tooth, which feels acts and feels like a natural tooth. The most common methods used for tooth replacement are dental bridges and dentures, which are extremely helpful to a certain extent and both have considerable advantage and disadvantages.
Dental bridges are made to bridge the gap made by the missing teeth and are made up of two or more dental crowns Miami for the teeth on any side of the gap. The two or more anchoring teeth are known as abutment teeth and have false tooth/teeth in between. A bridge just needs two firm supports. It is built around two healthy and fully functional teeth and is grinded so that it is fixed properly.
Total Tooth Replacement
When the denture fits less, the patients think about full tooth replacement. Some patients face this issue due to loss of the jawbone tissue in the denture, while others get hypertrophy of the oral mucosa when the denture is placed. A person wearing loose denture is unable to chew food properly and face severe disorders of the digestive tract when they are not replaced. The dentures make the wearer conscious and hinder them from enjoying a full social life.
Importance Of Teeth Replacement
When a person loses one or more teeth due to some accident, they consider some tooth replacement option for their chipped tooth Miami to get their tooth back. There are a number of permanent or temporary options available which are removable or fixed. The dentist tries to replace teeth with surgical implants where ever possible.
People get a tooth for aesthetic beauty and to stop from losing or damaging the bone by losing one or more teeth. Some individuals are affected by the changes in their appearance due to gaps left by missing teeth and lose their self-esteem due to this.
Missing tooth lead to various problems for the remaining teeth as the neighboring teeth may start growing sideways to fill the gap of the missing tooth. This change in the natural behavior of the jawbone results in weakening of the healthy teeth thereby creating additional gaps, by making other teeth more susceptible to decay. The missing tooth changes the shape of the bite, which affects eating. All these dental problems or issues can be prevented using one of the available forms of tooth replacement which prevents shrinkage of the jawbone.

Posted: Wednesday March 13, 2019

Things To Keep In Mind At The Time Of Chipped Tooth And Broken Tooth Treatment

Whether you are facing troubles like chipped tooth that eventually demands chipped tooth Miami treatment or worn tooth treatment, the injury should be addressed as early as possible. Though, the alterations between chipped and worn teeth and the reasons behind them suggest that treatment will vary relying on the exact nature of your situation.
Irrespective of the case, any harm to a tooth’s assembly is permanent, and refurbishing your dental health and your bite’s purpose necessitates a cosmetic and/or curative dental treatment. Or else, the problem will get worse, and may even lead to additional dental problems.
Chipped Tooth
If you go for chipping a tooth, you are likely not to witness a toothache at all. Though, you may witness pain if the chip is enormous sufficient to expose the inner layer of the tooth where the nerves are situated. A chip basically commences on the end or external of the tooth and functions its way in.
Treating a chipped tooth relies on the extent of the chip. And if the chip is minor, your local dentist might just smooth and refine over the chip. But if it’s too big regarding that quick fix, fillings, dental crowns Miami, or caps may be necessitated to reinstate function and appearance to the injured tooth. Additionally, if the chip is huge enough, a root canal may be the only answer.
Tooth Wear
Your teeth comprising particularly the protective layer of enamel encircling them are the roughest parts of your whole system, suggested to endure the pressures and friction of chewing and biting. At times, though, the chewing planes of your teeth can progressively wear down, particularly if you display teeth-grinding (bruxism) or your bite is jagged up, like that of the crooked teeth. Also, there are various degrees to which teeth may be fractured or jagged:
Jagged tooth: The crack progressively spreads from the chewing external of the tooth heading towards the root.
Craze lines: These small cracks only disturb the outer enamel and shouldn’t source any pain. Plus, your dentist in Miami may refine the surface to even out any uneven areas, but there is typically no other dealing required.
Vertical root fracture: These crashes start in the root and feast to the outer surface of the tooth. These fractures often source painful swelling and infection encircling the tooth.
Split tooth: When your tooth has jagged in half precipitously it is usually very aching. It may be partly salvageable in case of a cracked molar with more than one root.

Posted: Wednesday January 30, 2019

Dental Crowns- Understanding the Placement of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are deemed a cosmetic dental process. They are often used to safeguard weakened teeth from further damage. For example, a cracked or broken tooth can break further in the absence of the protection of a dental crown. In terms of cosmetic surgery, a crown can be used to hide the presence of discolored and misshapen teeth. For a fact, your smile is the first thing that people observe. Consequently, you want your smile to be beautiful. Crown placement typically comprises more than one professional. A prosthodontist makes the crown Miami for you and an oral surgeon sites the crowns.

Dental crowns are artificial caps that are molded like a tooth is cemented on the damaged tooth encircling the visible part of it, thus encasing the damaged tooth inside. By this, they safeguard the broken tooth from more damages along with making it stronger and keeping its natural shape.


One of the greatest advantages is that this capping of the tooth looks, feels, and functions like your natural teeth and revives your overall bite strength, thereby enhancing your ability to bite down comfortably. They also act as a shielding cover, protecting a weak tooth from further damage or to hold together parts of a fractured tooth.

Dental crowns Miami cover the tooth down to the gum line. Therefore, if the gums recede it can disclose the tooth or partial tooth underneath. The crown is shaped like a tooth and can be developed to match the color of your teeth so that they have a more natural look. This dental process typically lasts at least seven years. Though, as time goes by the crown can worsen meaning that you will have to go back to the dentist to have them fixed or redone. Consequently, the placement of dental crowns can get costly.


The dentist will prepare your teeth before you obtain your dental crowns. If your tooth is severely decayed, the dentist may endorse a root canal prior to the placement of your crowns. A root canal will avert the tooth from decaying even more.

However, a root canal is not a compulsory procedure prior to the place of a crown. If essential, the dentist will file the tooth down before placing the crown to certify a secure fit. An impression of your teeth is made and sent to the lab so that your crowns are planned to fit correctly. After the placement of your tooth crown Miami, you should not feel any uneasiness or pain and you will be able to practice them as you would your normal teeth.

Posted: Monday January 7, 2019

Renew Your Smile With The Help Of Dental Crowns Or Veneers

Whether you’re seeking to correct a few natural flaws, or need to reverse years of neglect to your teeth, modern dentists can do great things with porcelain and resin. You may consider dental crowns vs veneers to aid with aesthetic issues, structural problems, or both. Your dentist can aid you to decide if you might benefit from veneers or crowns, but here are a few points to deem before heading in for a consultation.
They encircle only the front surface and biting edge of the tooth. They are normally very thin- the thickness of a fingernail or less- and made of porcelain or resin. Veneers are perfect for those with structurally healthy teeth who wish to resolve visual issues such as crowding, gaps, stains, and chips. Each set of veneers is custom- made and color coordinated to the wearer for as natural a result as likely. Having teeth veneers Miami applied is a fairly non-invasive process necessitating just a few trips to the dentist. Resin veneers can often be accomplished in one visit, while porcelain veneers will require two visits, one for taking molds of the teeth, and then a second visit to implement the veneers after they have been built. It may take a few weeks to get used to the new shape and/or size of your teeth, but ensure to brush and floss just as you would your regular teeth.
Dental Crowns
They cover the entirety of the tooth right down to the gum line, and in some instances even go below the gum line. Dental crowns Miami are deemed more appropriate when there is substantial structural damage to the teeth due to decay, injury, or wear. Crowns are sometimes required after a large filling, to aid the weakened tooth to keep its shape and strength. Infrequently, a root canal can result in a weaker, more brittle tooth, and your dentist may suggest a crown after this procedure. Having crowns put on can be a more intricate process than having veneers applied, relying on the reason you need the crowns. You’ll get temporary crowns until your permanent ones are prepared. Then, the temporary crowns will be detached and the permanent ones will be paved in to place with extremely strong dental glue.
How well you take care of your teeth will have a large impact on how long your crowns last, but they have been known to stay in place for anywhere from 10-20 years.

Posted: Monday December 24, 2018