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Medical teams in India are discovering a natural alternative for those suffering with tooth decay: Jackfruit resin. A team comprising faculty at prosthodontics department of King George’s Medical University and National Botanical Research Institute has developed a resin from jackfruit milk. Resin is a primary material used to manufacture tooth-colored composite dental fillings.

“The technique is about converting the extracted milk first into latex and then into resin,” said Dr. Jitendra Rao, who leads the project which has been funded by the Council of Science and Technology, Uttar Pradesh government.

The team has since applied for a patent which has achieved the first round of clearance. “We are working on artificial teeth at the moment and are exploring possible side effects. So far, no side effects have been identified,” said Dr Rao, adding, “the filling would then be compared with available options.” Common filling materials, such as: gold, porcelain and silver amalgam (a mix of mercury with silver, tin, zinc, and copper) is used for filling. The jackfruit-based resin would be several times cheaper than the available options.

Getting a dental cavity filled is the reason why most people visit the dentist. “cavities are the hollow left behind after tooth decay which happens because of bacteria action,” explained Dr. Kapil Loomba, a local dentist. “Management involves cleaning the area and getting rid of the decayed part and then filling it,” he added.

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Posted: Wednesday October 7, 2015