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Disappointed with your chipped teeth. Here are some treatment options you can resort to

The enamel of our teeth can be damaged due to excessive wear and tear or a forceful blow resulting in the breaking of teeth, the tooth surface can then become sharp or disfigured.

Teeth can chip for a number of reasons that may include biting hard substances, playing sports with a mouth guard, and grinding the teeth during sleep. There are various treatment options available to repair the chipped teeth however, you must approach the best dentist in Miami to get the treatment done effectively.

Here are some risk factors for chipped teeth:

As weakened teeth are more apt to chip than strong teeth so here are some things that can reduce the strength of your teeth:
Cavities, tooth decay, and teeth grinding can reduce the enamel and can weaken the teeth.

Having a lot of acid-producing foods in your diet such as spicy foods, coffee, fruit juices etc. can break down the enamel and reduce the strength of your teeth.

Digestive conditions such as acid reflux and heartburn can bring the stomach acid into the mouth and can damage the enamel.
So make sure you maintain a healthy diet and protect the enamel from unnecessary damage. Porcelain veneer Miami and bonding are some of the treatment options you can resort to if you have a chipped or broken tooth.

Treatment options available:

If you have a minor chip, it can be easily treated by smoothing or polishing the teeth. However, for extensive chips you can go for the following treatments:

Tooth bonding: A plastic material or ceramic layers are fixed to the surface of your tooth and then shaped according to its form. In order to harden the material, UV lights are used. After that more shaping is done to make the bonding more firm.

Veneer teeth: The other treatment your dentist can recommend is the fixing of porcelain veneers. Your dentist will smooth away your enamel in order to make room for the veneer. An impression of your tooth will be taken so as to create the veneer. When the veneer is ready, the dentist will fix it to your tooth. These are more reliable as they can last up to 30 years.

If only a part of your tooth is broken, the dentist may suggest dental onlays, however, if your tooth is significantly damaged, you can resort to a full dental crown to repair your teeth.

Posted: Monday December 31, 2018