Why Do You Need Temporary Veneers?

Why Do You Need Temporary Veneers

Do you want a beautiful smile? Having a good smile makes us feel more confident and in control. Though, everyone is not blessed with a naturally dazzling smile. That’s the reason cosmetic dentistry is so widespread and popular. The great services offered by dental veneers Miami, helps patients gain new confidence and improve the exterior of their teeth. With these little changes in your denture, one does not only feel more confident about smiling openly around others, but this also improves the overall personality of the person. The temporary veneers are stepping stone to the final process of getting a beautiful smile.
What are Temporary Veneers?
Temporary veneers are made up of acrylic. They are usually rough and too big in the mouth. The adhesive is fixed in one place, and are painted on the back as well as the front of the teeth so one does not feel the back of the teeth any further. As there is a rough layer of adhesive at the back of the front teeth, the bottom teeth are unable to slide.
When the final veneers are installed, one can feel the back of the old teeth and the bottom row of the teeth comfortably, after the front teeth. The temporary veneers get fitted like a big block such as dentures and not like individual teeth. They have no gaps between the teeth so the speech can be affected temporarily.
The temporary veneers are intended to be alike permanent veneers but they are not as smooth as the final restorations. Teeth are sensitive to the temperature of the food or chewing with temporary veneers, but it ends when the final restorations are installed. Few patients experience certain contraction sensation and the tightness when they have a hot and cold beverage. It is normal with temporary veneers and does not occur after the permanent restoration.
Food To Avoid While Temporary Veneers Are Installed
Avoid taking hard foods which are also very chewy such as candy, raw fruits, vegetables, tough meat, and similar food items. One should not have sticky foods such as taffy and caramels as they can damage your temporary veneers spoiling your cosmetic teeth procedure. Do not dodge in toasted or crusty bread, because hardness affects the veneers to a large extent. Adding to this, one should not have staining agents, like ketchup, berries, tomatoes, colas, tea, coffee, and red wine for the proper results of the process.

Posted: Wednesday February 20, 2019