Restore Your Natural Smile After You Quit Smoking

Smoking’s negative effects on the body are widely documented at this point. It causes a myriad of medical problems, including fatal diseases, and is equally detrimental to your oral health.

It’s a slippery slope: Smokers are more likely to develop bacterial plaque, which leads to gum disease, and smoking reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood, so infected gums cannot heal. In fact, smokers have twice the risk for gum disease than non smokers. Throw in some neglectful oral hygiene and you have a recipe for tooth loss.

On top of that, smoking causes:

• Decreased sense of taste. That means that your favorite piece of cake will now taste like cardboard, as well as leading to a decreased appetite which can disrupt hormonal and metabolic functions.

• Bad breath and stained teeth.

• Throat, lung and mouth cancer. (Do I have to go into more detail than that?)

What’s the Solution?

Quitting is the most effective option if you want to stop and reverse the damage done by smoking.

Besides that, frequent dental visits and stringent oral hygiene, including brushing, flossing and mouthwash twice a day can keep bacterial plaque from infecting the gums. Talk to your dentist right away if you experience regular bleeding or recurrent swelling and painful infections, as these can be signs of serious problems.

Dr. Morr is well aware of the highly addictive nature of nicotine. For this reason, he suggests implementing a quitting plan, including setting effective goals and deadlines. For instance, if you succeed in not smoking for a certain period of time, you can reward yourself for positive behavior, like scheduling a teeth whitening visit. It might just be the inspiration you need to keep going!

Dr. Morr and his team care deeply about their patient’s well-being and are 100% supportive of your commitment to quit smoking. We offer complete cosmetic and prosthodontic services for all of your oral health needs.

Posted: Friday April 24, 2015