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Effective Tips To Consider For Increasing The Life Span Of Porcelain Veneers

Everybody wants beautiful, well-shaped teeth. Porcelain veneers provide an easy solution to getting perfect teeth. Porcelain Veneers are thin shells, which are custom made to give a great appearance to teeth. These shells have the ability to change the shape, color, and length of teeth.
What Are The Benefits Of Porcelain Veneers?
Porcelain veneers help to perfect the appearance of teeth which are broken or chipped. They are also effective to align the misaligned teeth. Teeth which have gaps can be fixed with the help of porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers look like your original teeth and are impossible to detect by a layman.
How Can We Care For Porcelain Veneers?
Make Cleaning Them Your First Priority
It is important to take care of porcelain veneers to increase their life. Poor dental hygiene can cause gums to recede, which results in exposing the edges of veneers. It is essential to brush your teeth in the morning as well as before going to bed. Many people forget to floss, if you want your veneers for a longer period of time, floss daily. Good oral care helps to keep many dental problems at bay.
Avoid Biting Into Hard Objects
Hard objects like metal caps of bottles can damage veneers. To protect your porcelain veneers, do not bite into ice and other random objects like pen and pencils. Raw apples, raw carrots can cause harm to porcelain veneers.
Avoid Foods Which Stain Your Teeth
Too much caffeine, wine, and soda are not good for teeth. If you are a regular consumer of these drinks, chances are that you may stain your veneers. Also avoid too much consumption of sugary foods like candies, packed fruit juices, try to brush after consumption of such foods.
Avoid Over Consumption Of Alcohol
Too much consumption of alcoholic drinks softens the bonding of porcelain veneers, which causes damage to the bonding line. While buying toothpaste or mouthwash, it is necessary to make sure there is no alcohol in them.
Use Whitening Toothpaste
Whitening toothpaste helps in removing any stains and discoloration which gets developed over time with the consumption of stain-causing foods and drinks.
Prosthodontist Miami advice veneers to improve the appearance of teeth. With the help of veneers, you can smile like your favorite celebrity with a perfect set of teeth. An experienced dentist is required with high skills to make porcelain veneers a success for a patient. Each porcelain veneer is designed individually to enhance the smile of the patient. The procedure requires a high level of skills, hence a well-experienced prosthodontist should be trusted for the same.


Posted: Tuesday May 21, 2019

How Tooth Bonding Saves Chipped Tooth

In a tooth bonding procedure, the resin is attached to a chipped, decayed, discolored or fractured tooth. Bonding is done in a single visit. Teeth bonding Miami offers an easy solution to improving one’s smile. Tooth bonding makes your tooth look like brand new. During the procedure, tooth-colored material is used to make necessary repairs.

An experienced prosthodontist should be preferred for tooth bonding, as the entire procedure depends upon the abilities of your dentist. Communicate with your dentist about what you are expecting from the procedure. The success of the procedure entirely depends upon the skills of your dentist.

Tooth bonding is a rather painless procedure. There is no need for anesthesia in this process. A bonding material is used to rebuild the teeth. Bonding is used to fix:

  • Stains
  • Cracks
  • Gaps
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Gaps

The Procedure For Tooth Bonding
The dentist will match the material of the bonding with your tooth; he will use a shade guide to achieve the same. First, the tooth is roughened to expose the underlying structure. Then the conditioning liquid is applied on the tooth which acts as an adhesive for the bonding material. Resin is applied and it is molded to the desired shape. Laser light is used to set the material, when the material takes the desired shape it is further trimmed and polished.
How Much Time Does It Take To Complete A Dental Bonding Procedure?
It usually takes 30 to 60 minutes to complete the bonding procedure on one tooth.
 Bonding Versus Veneers
The aim of both these procedures is to beautify teeth. Bonding takes less time and is done in one sitting only. On the other hand, you require two to three sittings for veneers. Bonding offers an inexpensive solution.

If the teeth are heavily stained it is difficult to cover with dental bonding, in that scenario, veneers work the best.
Prosthodontist Miami should be trusted for bonding procedure as bonding requires a special set of skills. Bonding improves the appearance of teeth; it provides an ideal solution to chipped, broken and discolored teeth.

Posted: Monday May 20, 2019

How To Keep Your Teeth And Gums Healthy- A Prosthodontist’s View

Dental care is important if you want your teeth long enough. According to a report, 1 in 4 adults in the US have untreated tooth decay, the report also pointed out that there is a steep drop in dental visits when we become adults as only 6 out of 10 adults see a dentist in a year compared to 8 out of 10 kids. Prosthodontist Miami pointed out the fact that there is a rise in cavities and tooth decay. 92 percent of adults in the age bracket of 20 to 64 have had dental caries in teeth at some point in their lives.
People are becoming more aware of the aesthetic aspects of teeth, that’s why they are going for cosmetic dental procedures. Only 35 percent of people in the US have well-aligned teeth.
Due to a lack of proper oral health adults are prone to periodontal disease, which is a disease of gums. To save your teeth and gums from infection and decay it is important to make efforts to improve the overall oral health.
Here are a few tips from a prosthodontist that will help to keep teeth and gums healthy.
Prioritize Dental Health
Take your dental health seriously. Don’t wait for a disease or gum ache to grab your attention towards the deteriorating condition of your teeth. It is important to visit your dentist twice a year. Remember prevention is cure. Regular visits to the dentist ensure that the problem can be controlled at an early stage.
Invest In Dental Health
Many people are aware of the importance of dental health but refuse to invest in it. It is important to get insurance so that in emergency you don’t have to go without treatment.
Brushing Your Teeth before bed
Make a habit of brushing your teeth morning as well as night. Many people skip brushing their teeth at night because they are tired or feeling sleepy; this is the root cause of dental problems.
Brush Properly
The dentist can tell if you just brush your front teeth with care. It is seen that many patients pay attention to the teeth which are visible to others and give the least care to the teeth at the back of the mouth. This habit causes tooth decay and cavities.
Don’t Skip Flossing
Flossing is important to maintain healthy teeth. Make a habit of flossing daily to enjoy strong teeth and gums even in the old age.
Limit Acidic And Sugary Foods
Acid erodes the enamel of your teeth. Limit the consumption of acidic and sugary foods.
Oral health is important for the proper functioning of our teeth. Regular visits to the best dentist in Miami ensure that teeth and gums are in good health.

Posted: Tuesday May 14, 2019

What Is Periodontal Disease And Who Are On High Risk

You will be concerned if your gums bleed while brushing or flossing. According to dentist Miami around half of Americans is suffering from periodontal disease in which gums bleed.  Bleeding and swelling of the gums is one of the earliest signs of Periodontal disease. “Perio” means around and “dontal” means teeth. In Periodontal disease gums and the area surrounding the teeth get infected, if the infection is not treated on time it can result in loose teeth.

The major reason for periodontal disease is untreated plaque; which spreads over time and becomes the breeding ground of bacteria.
Symptoms of Periodontal disease
Bad breath

Swollen or bleeding gums

Pain while chewing
What Are The Causes Of Periodontal Disease?
Plaque is the main cause of periodontal disease. Generally, gum disease doesn’t show any sign until the age of 30. In Periodontal disease gums are pulled away from the teeth which cause pockets; pockets give bacteria all the more space to survive.
Smoking: Smoking makes the condition worse. Bacteria become resistant to the treatment in case of regular smokers.

Misaligned teeth: Misaligned teeth make it difficult to brush, which in turn makes it difficult to remove plaque.

Poor Oral hygiene: Oral hygiene is important for the overall health of teeth. When one fails to follow oral health hygiene, plaque develops which give rise to gum problems such as periodontal disease.

Irregular dental visits: When we don’t visit the prosthodontist regularly, several problems don’t get treated timely.

Genetics: Some people have a genetic susceptibility to periodontal disease. But one can save himself from periodontal disease by practicing good oral health.

Poor nutrition: Poor nutrition weakens the teeth and gums which is a major cause of prosthodontist disease.

Change in hormones: Fluctuation in hormones cause many changes in the body and those changes can be seen in the mouth as well.

If you are suffering from any of the symptoms of periodontal disease, you should visit a dentist as soon as possible. He will lay a treatment plan; the main goal of the treatment is to stop the infection.
Tips to save you from periodontal disease
Maintaining proper Oral health
It is important to maintain good oral health to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Brushing two times a day and flossing everyday help to remove any plaque buildup which is the number 1 cause of periodontal disease.
Quitting Smoking
Smokers are at a high risk of periodontal disease. Quitting smoking will help improve the condition of teeth.
Visiting the dentist regularly
Visiting the dentist regularly will help in maintaining healthy teeth and gums.
Periodontol disease affects many people, it can be controlled if you visit prosthodontist Miami from time to time.

Posted: Monday May 6, 2019

An Overview Of Various Dental Procedures

People have become more conscious about the appearance of their teeth. A large number of people visit prosthodontist Miami regularly to beautify their smile. The field of dentistry is an ever-evolving field and there are some new procedures which make it easier to fix chipped and broken tooth and help to restore the functionality of the tooth.
There are a few prosthodontist procedures mentioned below which help in various tooth issues
Invisalign are invisible braces which help to straighten out your teeth. With the help of Invisalign, you don’t need to hide your braces from others or feel embarrassed about having them. They are easier to take out to clean. They need to be worn for 22 hours a day until the treatment is over.
Digital X-rays
Digital X-rays is yet another important tool in investigating various dental issues. Digital X-rays contain fewer radiations than traditional X-rays and hence are safer for the patients. The other advantage of digital X-rays is that the image appears on the computer screen in seconds and you don’t have to wait hours for an X-ray film.
Dental Implants
Dental implants are used to replace the missing tooth. Dental implants are useful in the case of the root portion of the missing tooth, in other words, they are artificial tooth root. They help to get the look and feel of the original teeth.
Crown is also known as a cap. They are one of the most common procedures in dentistry. Crowns are permanently cemented to the cracked and decayed tooth. Crowns are custom made to fit and look natural on the tooth. They can be made from a variety of material like gold, metal, porcelain, ceramic and resin. Crowns help strengthen broken teeth to save them from further damage.
Dentures are used when there are no natural teeth left. To restore the smile and help the patient to chew food dentures are advised. Dentures are removable devices which are advised when a patient has lost all teeth due to old age or due to an accident.
Veneers modify the color and shape of the teeth to a great extent. They are used when a patient has a missing tooth, has a gap between teeth. Veneers adhere to the tooth to give it a nice look.
Dental procedures have evolved with time. Now days almost every tooth issue can be fixed. Broken, chipped, stained, decayed tooth can be easily restored to functionality with the help of cosmetic dentistry Miami.

Posted: Monday April 29, 2019

Oral health problems that seniors have to deal with and how to solve them

Oral health is vital for all age groups. Taking care of natural teeth is mandatory if you want them when you are old. Prosthodontist Miami says ignoring oral health at a young age gives rise to many problems which become worse with age. Certain diseases like diabetes, arthritis make it difficult to floss on a regular basis. However, if we take care of our oral health, the problems can be subsided.
Let’s see some of the oral problems in seniors and how to solve them:
Bad breath
Bad breath is a common issue faced by seniors. Try to find out the underlying cause of the problem. Maintain good oral hygiene, brushing two times daily and rinsing with a mouthwash solves the issue, if the problem persists, visit a dentist to find any underlying cause.
Dry mouth
Dry mouth is another problem which is caused by old age. There are certain medications which alleviate the condition. Radiation therapy to treat cancer can also result in dry mouth. Hormone changes, allergies, blocked nasal passages, and infections can all lead to dry mouth.
Tooth discoloration
Tooth discoloration is caused by consuming stain-causing food. Beverages like tea, coffee, red wine, etc. contribute to staining teeth. Chewing tobacco also cause tooth discoloration.
Gum Diseases
Usually, gum diseases take years to develop. Poor oral hygiene contributes to gum decay. Poor fitting dentures and bridges are also the reason for gum diseases.
Tooth loss
Gum diseases often cause tooth loss in seniors. Chewing tobacco, smoking cigarettes, and poor dental hygiene are the leading cause of tooth loss in seniors.
Seniors are at a high risk of developing cavities. If you consume sugary food and drink on a regular basis, you are more likely to become a victim of cavities. Cavities become painful over time, it is necessary to visit a dentist to fill the cavities before they consume the whole tooth.
Root decay
Roots don’t have enamel to protect them when the gum tissue recedes from the tooth, decay-causing acids cause tooth decay.
How seniors can protect themselves from tooth problems?
Maintain good oral health
There is no substitute for good oral health. If you want teeth for a longer period of time, it is important to take care of them. Brush two times a day and gargle after every meal. It is crucial to use a good mouth wash and floss daily.
Limit the use of sugary foods
Try to consume healthy food. Limit the intake of sugary sweets and beverages.
Visit a dentist regularly
A visit to the best dentist Miami can help you in maintaining healthy natural teeth.

Posted: Tuesday April 23, 2019

Dental Bridges- The Best Solution To Replace Missing Teeth

Dental bridges are the most preferred option to fill the gap created by the missing tooth.  It is the best method to provide proper structural support to the mouth’s bite. Replacing a missing tooth with dental bridges Miami makes your mouth’s bite normal
What Is A Dental Bridge?
The dental bridges are generally made up of porcelain, alloy, gold or by combining these materials. Two crowns are placed one on each tooth, and the neighboring teeth provide support to the bridge.
Dental bridges enhance your smile and your ability to chew. Not only prosthodontist Miami helped in preserving the proper position, but also in maintaining the proper shape of the teeth.
The Procedure Of Dental Bridges
Ceramic crowns or porcelain crowns are the most preferred crowns owing to their natural appearance.  They give the patients teeth a lifelike look as same as the natural teeth. Best quality crowns are incorporated according to the patient’s mouth. Good quality crowns are thin and feel very light on the weight. Good dental bridges do not disfigure for years as well as have no allergic reactions to sensitivity.
Types Of Dental Bridges
Traditional bridges- In this a crown or implant is created on either side of the missing teeth by placing a pontic in between. They are either made of ceramics or porcelain and is the commonly preferred type of dental bridge to replace the missing teeth.
Cantilever bridges- It is the dental implant when the adjacent tooth is missing. It is not a commonly used dental implant as it put more force on the other teeth and damages it.
Maryland bonded bridges- These teeth implants Miami are made of porcelain, and the porcelain is fused to the plastic or metal teeth and gums. The porcelain wings are on one side of the bridge which are bonded to the existing teeth to get some support.
Dental bridges feel like natural teeth and maintain the shape of the face. The dental bridges distribute the bite forces evenly by replacing missing teeth. They not only prevent other teeth from drifting apart but also restore your smile.
The condition of the teeth helps the dentist Miami to make the appropriate dental bridge. In multiple visits, they check the fitting of the fixed bridge and alter it accordingly. Make sure before the permanent cement, your dental bridge fits well and does not cause any discomfort in the mouth.

Posted: Tuesday April 16, 2019

Simple Tips To Maintain A Healthy Smile

A smile marks as the first impression when you meet someone new. 63 percent of people believe that they look better in photos when they are showing teeth. 99.7 percent of people believe that a smile is an important physical asset. Keeping in mind the above stats, it is important to make timely visits to prosthodontist Miami to maintain a healthy smile.
Let’s see what are the simple tricks that if followed religiously help to make your smile healthy.
Maintain Oral Health
Oral health is the first step in maintaining healthy teeth. It is important to brush your teeth with a soft toothbrush, morning and night. Never skip brushing your teeth at night. Poor hygiene can cause not only dental problems but problems like diabetes, heart diseases, etc.  If you want to save yourself from tooth decay and serious gum diseases it is essential to maintain good oral health. If you snack frequently it is important to take care of your teeth as bacteria can form plaque on teeth within the first 20 minutes of eating.
Limit The Intake Of Tea, Coffee, And Alcohol
Tea, coffee, and alcohol are bad for your teeth; they stain them and increase bacteria in your mouth which causes bad breath. Try to limit the consumption to not more than one cup a day.
Have healthy eating habits
Healthy eating habits go a long way in maintaining healthy teeth. Avoid sugar and sugary sweets to prevent plaque. Make a habit of gargling your teeth every time you eat something to help prevent cavities. Eating fruits and vegetables promote overall health and munching on fruits and raw vegetables strengthen the teeth.
Visit Your Dentist Regularly
Many dental problems can be nipped in the bud with the help of regular dentist visits. Get a dental appointment after every six months to fix issues like plaque and discoloration of the teeth. Discuss with your dentist if you are experiencing pain or sensitivity to hot or cold food. Regular visits to your dentist ensure that your teeth are healthy and strong.
It is important to maintain oral health to prevent cavities and gum problems. Maintain healthy habits which can save you from various oral issues.
If you think that your smile isn’t one of your best assets, cosmetic dentistry Miami can help you in improving your smile and make you feel confident about it.

Posted: Monday April 15, 2019

A Brief On Dental Crowns

A dental crown is the readily used dental restoration procedure for covering damaged, broken or crooked teeth. Full white cups are placed over the damaged portion of a tooth or dental implant, which lies above or at the gum line and appears like natural teeth. When the tooth crown Miami is placed, it becomes the tooth’s new outer surface, which does the normal function like natural teeth in place of just repairing a tooth or filling it up.
Dental crowns are generally permanently cemented into the broken or crooked teeth. The final tooth-crown made after the dental crown placement results in adequate functioning like a natural tooth.
Need Of A Dental Crown
There are many situations when a dentist suggests a dental crown for appropriately restoring a tooth.
Here are some most common situations a dental crown is advised by the prosthodontist Miami.
Large Filling
When there is a fracture or cavity in the tooth, in half or more than half width of the tooth, it is covered with a dental crown to stop further damage to the tooth and neighboring teeth. Since the remaining tooth in the large filling becomes weak, there are high risks of fracture.
There are incidences of large fillings showing signs of cracks around the filling or stress when the filling is in the mouth for long. It is suggested to replace it by a crown to stop any further damage which affects the jawbone in the end.
Root Canal
In the root canal treatment, the tooth is left hollowed after the RCT making the remaining tooth is predisposed to cracking. Almost every root canal tooth needs to be restored with a crown Miami after a month of the RCT to avoid any fracturing or breaking. The dental crown on the RCT tooth strengthens the damaged teeth as well as improves the appearance of the tooth appearance.
The dental crowns are made like a natural; teeth resembling the shape, color and apparent alignment of the teeth. There are various treatment alternatives, but the dental crown is the best dental restoration method owing to its number of benefits, strength and lifelong durability. During the cementing of a new crown in place, the dentist uses a local anesthetic to numb the tooth.
In the end, it is vital to take some precautions to avoid any damage to the crown. Avoid chewy or sticky food because they tend to pull the crown off.

Posted: Wednesday March 27, 2019

How Has Prosthodontics Impacted The Cosmetic Dentistry

Prosthodontics is a field of dentistry specializing in replacing the lost teeth with prosthetics and provides advanced oral health care for any tooth damage. When a dentist in Miami refers you to a doctor specialized in this field, it is mainly because treating your problem is beyond their expertise and needs extensive care. The medical and dental science has developed a lot in the past few years, making a number of teeth restoration procedures to meet every patient’s condition.

Prosthodontist’s are skillful to replace missing teeth with implants and false teeth making your look like natural teeth. They are experts in reconstructing lost teeth of patients due to an accident or replacing the crooked teeth of the patients with dentures.

A prosthodontist after their thorough and methodical practice is specialized in diagnosing any faults in teeth or mouth bite routines. They follow specific procedures to fix the awkward bite of the patients owing to their more prone nature to future mouth injuries leading to long-term impairments. The entire dealing of a prosthodontist Miami is very delicate and needs proper care & precision for creating perfectly fitting false teeth. False teeth often named as dentures are the best alternatives preferred by the dentists to help the patient in having a normal bite and enhancing the look of their mouth.

Dentures look like natural teeth, are made up of resinated materials and special plastic same as the color of the gums. Dentures can be of two teeth or the entire set of the mouth, according to the patient’s requirement. Frequently made dentures are for replacing the two missing front teeth.

The life of the dentures Miami is dependent on the hygiene and eating habits of the patient. Dentures are to be brushed or cleaned like normal teeth, to lessen the bacteria and stain build-up because of eating. Keeping your dentures clean plays a significant role in the longer life of false teeth.

Maxillofacial Prosthetics

There are a number of dislocated teeth due to congenital defects or after accidents which require specialized treatment for installing false teeth to replace dislocated teeth. In such cases, your doctors refer you to a maxillofacial prosthetics specialist due to their more precision in fabricating and installing the false teeth aptly on the seriously malformed face. Moreover, they work on artificial eyes, nose, and every other facial prosthesis to fix patients deformities. The prosthodontist takes help from various medical and dental specialists to fix patients defects using the new prosthetics.

Posted: Tuesday March 19, 2019